Ded Skool Disco

Returning for it’s final installment of 2018 (November’s has had to be cancelled due to an unplanned skool trip), lets make the Ded Skool Autumn Freshers Ball the biggest and best of the year so far!!!

“So what is Ded Skool Dizko” I hear you say??!!
A themed night based around ‘The Best School disco you NEVER had’ featuring music from all the night’s in Brum you love and attend at the moment, together with tunes you may not currently hear from the Halcyon days of the 70/80’s right up to the present day.
Expect to hear the likes of: Bowie, Duran Duran, Visage, Rammstein, Faith no More, Placebo, Suede, Garbage, Killers, White Lies, Editors, She Wants Revenge, Roxy Music,T Rex, The Jam, Specials, Madness, Morrissey/Smiths, New Order/Joy Division, Sisters, Wonderstuff, Nirvana, Siouxsie, Cure, Cult, PWEI, Muse, Kate Bush, Dead or Alive, Shannon, Chemical Bros, Prodigy, Adam & the Ants,Sex Pistols, Damned, Clash, Birthday Massacre, Covenant, Talk Talk, VNV Nation, Mesh,30 Seconds to Mars, Skeletal Family, Bauhaus, Rob/White Zombie, NIN, Marilyn Manson, Depeche Mode, Gary Numan, Human League etc. amongst many, many others.

Lots of school themed fun, games and visuals to help you all have the craic with like minded former pupils who had to put up with insipid end of year school events time after time in the ‘good ole days!!’ Be warned however, if you do misbehave you may get detention or worse, corporal punishment!!

Your hosts for the evening will be school Headmaster Barrington Steele, the Sinister Minster. The Biology (Specialising in Sex Education 😉 ) Master, Prof. Steve ‘ Mitz’ May and making their Ded Skool debut behind the wheelz of steel, Physical Education Master, Mr Stevo Morgan.

School themed fancy dress or Prom Wear optional but welcome. More than anything , just be yourselves and have a ball. It’s your night out so requests are welcome both before and during the evening.